Sorbo Microfibre Cloths, Multi Color, 40cm x 40cm

6 Pack
40cm x 40cm
Multi Color
  • For both wet and dry use. The microfibre cloths can be used wet to clean greasy stains and dry for dusting
  • Works without cleaning products. These microfibre cloths clean perfectly, even without cleaning products: a sustainable alternative!
  • Cleans streak-free. Thanks to the unique composition of the microfibres, the cloths deliver streak-free results
  • A clean result without having to exert much force. The microfibres attract dirt and dust, and there is no need to use a lot of strength during cleaning
  • Happy colours. Cleaning is a lot more fun with this set of cheerful and coloured microfibre cloths!
  • Sorbo Cleaning – The Sorbo Brand is one of Europes leading cleaning brands with over 50 Years of experience providing Cleaning products Each product is designed specifically for the task in hand
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Product information

Style Name:6 Pack  |  Size:40cm x 40cm  |  Colour:Multi Color

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Product description

Style Name:6 Pack  |  Size:40cm x 40cm  |  Colour:Multi Color

Product Description

The unique composition of these microfibre cloths makes them an indispensable part of every household. The polyester and polyamide mix attracts dirt, dust and moisture and holds it, instead of only moving it around.

Thanks to this composition, this microfibre cloth is a star in absorbing moisture, which means it is a perfect dishcloth. But, you can also use it to clean electronic screens and other smooth surfaces. Even when used dry and without cleaning products, the cloth still removes greasy stains! This makes the microfibre cloth a sustainable cleaning option.

Another benefit of these cloths is that you don’t have to use much force while you are cleaning. Not only is the cloth easy to wring out, the fibres also attract the dirt. This makes it much easier to give tables or countertops a quick clean!

The cloths are machine washable at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Do not use fabric softener, as this reduces the unique attracting properties of the microfibres. This set contains several cloths in happy colours. Use a different colour for each cleaning job to ensure you are always working hygienically

Box Contains

6 x Microfiber Cloths

From the manufacturer

Sorbo Cleaning Essentials | Cloths


Whether you’re dancing around the house, duster in hand and singing along to your favourite tunes, or grumbling your way through cleaning the kitchen cabinets: we have to do our household chores. And because it’s such an essential part of everyday life, we want you to do it in an efficient and fun way! More than half a century ago, Sorbo started with real cleaning classics. Good chamois leathers, durable cleaning cloths, absorbent sponges and much more. Our cleaning tools were the basis of many cleaning kits back then, and they still are today. Since those early years, we have continuously improved our classics: better materials, more robust textures and small improvements that make cleaning even more relaxed!

Everyone needs a bucket at home to carry soapy water, for example, for washing the car or the windows. Our buckets are perfect for that. Not only are they made of high-quality plastic, but we also have buckets with handy grooves in the bottom, that provide you with grip to help you empty the bucket more easily. Or how about our microfibre cloths? Now an indispensable aid during any cleaning job. From cheerful colours to anti-scratch scrub pads, from special dusters to dishcloths: we now have a suitable microfibre cloth for every cleaning job!

We want to make cleaning easier, but also more fun! That’s why in recent years, we have given a lot of our products, beautiful colours and trendy prints. Our Sorbonettes, which at first were only available in their classic, bright yellow colour, are now available in all sorts of bright shades. And our microfibre cloths are not only useful for every job, but they’re also available in your favourite colour or print! Our buckets, dish brushes and sponges also have beautiful colours and prints. So complete your cleaning arsenal today with fun and efficient products by Sorbo!

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